Sample of Products Developed

Assessment Management System

The Assessment Management System was developed to give Australia’s human services industry the most assured, accountable and comprehensive information to enable case workers and managers to make decisions with confidence.

The software was used to coordinate assessment services in the allied health environment, including Relative Kinship Care, Home Care, Foster Care and Adoption services for a range of state government clients.

The system allowed specialised workplace, functional, cognitive and language assessments to be processed, measured and tracked in order to determine agency funding and support needs.

Full workflow management, project management, service registry, assessor management, finance system integration & comprehensive analysis and reporting tools were developed within the software.

Respite Allocation and Bookings System

The Respite Allocation and Booking System allows users to allocate Respite Residential clients to different houses through a variety of regions and states. It has a comprehensive calendar based roster system for all allocations and highlights any compatibility issues between residents.

The system provides online registration for the housing allocation preferences of each individual client, which it analyses against organisational business rules to process the client allocations and bookings are made.


Predictor was initially developed for the Australian local government market and is now used in hundreds of infrastructure agencies worldwide to carry out life-cycle modelling on their infrastructure assets.

The software optimises service level outcomes and capital expenditure with industry-specific algorithms which accurately predict the future behaviour of assets and empower agencies with the data-driven evidence to make better decisions.

Infrastructure assets rarely deteriorate according to a straight-line profile; a variety of factors including condition, age, environment, usage, user behaviour, and quality of materials must be considered. By applying service-based life-cycle degradation profiles at component, specific asset, asset type or asset class level, Predictor enables you to accurately forecast the health of your entire network, and monitor the effects of maintenance and treatments applied.


myData is a central register for all Infrastructure asset classes and includes in-built reporting, works tracking and life-cycle costing. The key features are:

  • In-built reporting based on regulatory, statutory and industry requirements

  • Complete work tracking as per insurance requirements - inspect assets, plan maintenance work, schedule repairs and track work

  • Logs and schedules maintenance work based on customer requests

  • Reports on asset performance, asset standards and asset condition

  • Automated valuations and annual financial reporting based on IFRS and AAS - depreciation method reflects consumption patterns

  • Life-cycle costing for all asset types, including critical failure modes

  • Budget Analyser - determine future budget allocations

  • Produces prioritised capital work programs based on optimisation analysis

  • Records and manages risks associated with infrastructure assets

Developing Childhood

Developing Childhood is a tool for parents to monitor and enhance the development of their baby or toddler (ages nought to three years).

The system helps to monitor the milestones of babies and toddlers, provide development feedback and enhance development through fun and stimulating activities.

Extensive Milestone Checking gives parents an accurate and easily understood picture of their children’s current development.

Developing Childhood Milestone Reports provides an individualised overview of children's developmental profile.

Developing Strategies details the activities designed to encourage appropriate milestone achievement.